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Letzte Chance für Early Birds: Charité Entrepreneurship Summit 2016

Charité Entrepreneurship 2016

BERLIN, MAY 26-27, 2016


Achtung, die Anmeldefrist für Early Birds endet am 21. März.

Every year in May, over 400 global leaders in health care innovation, including entrepreneurs, scientists, physicians, investors, policy makers, and business heads convene at the Charité Entrepreneurship Summit in the vibrant German capital of Berlin.

The Charité Entrepreneurship Summit serves as a key think tank meeting to explore and share the current trends and developments in global healthcare. This international and cross-disciplinary event offers a unique platform for building new partnerships that will transform the life sciences and the healthcare industry.

The 2016 Charité Summit agenda will feature highly relevant topics, such as the digitalization of health care, the role of open innovation in dramatically improving drug discovery, the prospects of genome editing and healthy aging, the influence of women in changing the healthcare ecosystem, the growing understanding of the impact of gender differences on research and the practice of medicine, and the importance of delivering value-based medicine.

We have now opened online registration. Hurry up and be first to get your ‘early bird’ ticket on time!

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