As potential Business Angel…

  • Identify yourself with our club model
  • Have written competencies
  • be either also or exclusively interested in equity participation in our fund

Business Angels
(private people and their associated companies)

… can meet us by filling out the guest form and confidentiality agreement. After the first invitation you receive a guest status and get invited to all events. That way you can learn about our club and its activities. The guest status should not last longer than four months. Conditions to become a member are approvals of the code of honor, the constitution and the membership fee regulations of BACB e.V.

A personal membership contains:

  • Individual business cards
  • Attendance on all club events
  • Access to the BACB-Network
  • Information access to new media, technologies, innovations and more
  • Mentioning on the webpage and as “Angels Contact”
  • Access to external events in the startup scene


Business Angels Companies
(Tax consultancy firms, lawyers and other institutaions, organizations or the like)

…can meet us when they follow the same procedure like future Business Angels

A firm memberships contains:

  • Publication of your logo on our webpage with an hyperlink to present your organization on the webpage and in the “Angels Contact”
  • Attendance of two company representatives on every BACB events
  • Up to six startup projects yearly which are curated through your company can be presented


Business Angels Partner
(Banks or the like as well companies who are not under KMU)

…can meet us when they follow the same procedure as future Business Angels or future Business Companies.

A membership for financial institutions and associate companies contains:

  • Commercial use of the BACB-Network in consultation with the BACB branch
  • Yearly Joint press conference
  • Attendance on the BACB- Annual Meeting  and acquisition of program part
  • Guest participation of Business Angels in work groups of Business Angels partners
  • The  BACB provides the BAC-Academy” for partners once a year