Our self-concept


Vision: Entrepreneurial behavior is the engine of economic and social development. Nowadays reach out for global markets with global responsibilities. Entrepreneurial action means taking risks and ensuring economic success. A lively company can only exist in a healthy environment. A prosperous economy requires constantly changing processes, innovations and their implementations.  Nowadays those are cross-linked between the conflicting priorities of research, economy, ecology, culture and social commitment.


Mission: The Business Angels Club supports entrepreneurial behavior to take part in the creation of a constantly changing, worth living society with attractive workplaces, products and services. The Business Angels Club and its members are committed as voluntary mentors for innovative, growth-minded companies with scaleable business concept. The Business Angels are dedicated to act in a transparent manner with the start-ups. Fair social interaction on eye level with business people and founders is self-understanding as equitable and sociable acting of each club member during support of founders. During the mentorship and assistance Business Angels work unpaid and don’t demand provision, recruit founders as clients or act to as a broker.


Our investments: The Business Angels Club supports entrepreneurial personalities at building economical sustainable organizations and promote with competences as well as networking. The Business Angels Club and its Members invest time and Know-How in the growth of Start-Ups. Business Angels lend Start-Ups financial support as civil personalities. With Start-Ups Business Angels like to personally invest are going to arranged fair due diligences and generally minority interests for investments. Financial interests on young companies ensure open and are based on the financial success. A Business Angels invests basically personally and long-term orientated in companies.

Our members